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Cargo Box

Cargo Box
Product name : Cargo Box
Item : F2
Details :
No Parts No 中文名称 Description
1 F0201 车厢前侧板 Front, Cargo Box
2 F0202 车厢右侧板 Right side, Cargo box
3 F0203 车厢后侧板 Rear side, Cargo box
4 F0204 车厢左侧板 Left side, Cargo box
5 F0205 后尾灯支架 Plate Tail Lamp
6 F0206 车厢底板 Bottow of Cargo box
7 F0207 右侧脚蹬 Bar Footrest, RH
8 F0208 左侧脚蹬 Bar Footrest, LH
9 F0209 左前泥板 Rear Fender, LH/FR
10 F0210 左后泥板 Rear Fender, LH/RR
11 F0211 右前泥板 Rear Fender, RH/FR
12 F0212 右后泥板 Rear Fender, RH/RR
13 F0213 橡胶垫圈 Washer
14 F0214 后车厢链条 Chain of Cargo box
15 F0215 工具箱 Body Tool Box
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