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Front Shock II

Front Shock II
Product name : Front Shock II
Item : F4
Details :
No Parts No 中文名称 Description
1 F0401 右减震柱 Front Damper, RH
2 F0402 电镀防尘套总成 Cover of Front Shock
3 F0403 上联板 Head Steering Stem
4 F0404 龙头压块 Holder Handle
5 F0405 方向柱 Stem Steering
6 F0406 前反射器 Reflector
7 F0407 前减震装饰圈 Eye Strip
8 F0408 钢碗轴承 Bearing 
9 F0409 左减震柱 Front Damper, LH
10 F0410 上套管 Up Cover of Front Shock
11 F0411 橡胶垫圈1 Rubber Washer-1
12 F0412 橡胶垫圈2 Rubber Washer-2
13 F0413 下套管 Under Cover of Front Shock
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