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Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank
Product name : Fuel Tank
Item : F10
Details :
No Parts No 中文名称 Description
1 F1001 油箱 Fuel Tank
2 F1002 油箱面板总成 Fuel Meter and cover
3 F1003 油箱仪表 Fuel meter
4 F1004 油箱面板 Tank cover
5 F1005 油箱仪表玻璃 Glass of Fuel Meter
6 F1006 油箱仪表垫圈 Washer of Fuel Meter
7 F1007 油位传感器 Fuel Level Gauge
8 F1008 油管 Tube of Tank
9 F1009 油开关 Cock Assy Fuel 
10 F1010 左护板(铁) Steel Side cover, LH
11 F1011 左护板(塑料) Plastic Side cover, LH
12 F1012 右护板(塑料) Plastic Side cover, RH
13 F1013 右护板(铁) Steel Side cover, RH
14 F1014 左大护板 Big Side cover, LH
15 F1015 右大护板 Big Side cover, RH
16 F1016 油管卡簧 Clamp Spring
17 F1017 油箱后支撑橡胶垫 Rubber for Fuel Tank Standard RR
18 F1018 油箱前支撑橡胶垫 Rubber for Fuel Tank Standard FR
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