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Meter&Lights II

Meter&Lights II
Product name : Meter&Lights II
Item : F9
Details :
No Parts No 中文名称 Description
1 F0901 哈雷大灯 Head Lamp
2 F0902 哈雷装饰灯 Auxiliary Lamp
3 F0903 哈雷装饰灯 Auxiliary Lamp
4 F0904 装饰灯灯泡 Bulb of Auxiliary light
5 F0905 大灯灯泡 Bulb of  Headlight
6 F0906 后尾灯灯泡 Bulb of  Tail light
7 F0907 大灯支架 Headlight Brace
8 F0908 装饰灯支架 Bracket of Auxiliary light
9 F0909 左后尾灯防护罩 Lens of Tail light
10 F0910 左后尾灯 Left Tail Lamp
11 F0911 右后尾灯防护罩 Lens of Tail light
12 F0912 右后尾灯 right Tail Lamp
13 F0913 前转向灯 Front Turn Lamp
14 F0914 前转向灯支架 Bracket of  Front Turn lamp
15 F0915 油位表 Fuel meter
16 F0916 速度表 Speedometer 
17 F0917 转速表 Tachometer
18 F0918 仪表总成 Speedometer Assy
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